Which Mob Am I Voting For in Minecraft Live 2021?!
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  • iStealth

    Hmm, a floating lettuce, a smurf angel and a toy, very interesting

  • Yeet Scape
    Yeet Scape

    It's been 3-4 years since I've been back here.. maybe longer.. glad to see u still haven't changed much Dan.. used to watch u so much back when I was little

  • Hungisnoob Period
    Hungisnoob Period


  • Beta Yoshi Official
    Beta Yoshi Official

    Dan, thank you for raising me, and your legends. I will always be with this channel. Trust me, I've never left. I've been here for seven years.

  • Drago Questy
    Drago Questy

    Dan sees the Allay

  • Mitchell Kingston
    Mitchell Kingston

    I assume that the Allay will only collect items in a proximity, and only items that already exist, so you can't just multiply items. Could still be useful for item sorting systems.

  • NukeVsCity

    What would happen if i give the allay a shulker with netherite inside 🗿

  • Phil Kemper
    Phil Kemper

    I love how there are 3 big assumtions for Dan's absence.

  • Decimator 517
    Decimator 517


  • rarepwnage2

    it would be fun to have a copper golem deathrun where a copper golem will randomly press buttons that will remove stuff and so u have to keep on doing obstacles til the golem oxidises

  • Fuzion_ Matt
    Fuzion_ Matt

    It’s been two weeks, hope everything is ok Dan take as much time as you need ❤️

  • The Chocolate Chip Doggo
    The Chocolate Chip Doggo

    Daniel was a big part of my childhood when I was younger he was really inspiring and now here I am still watching his content even when older

  • Satsujin-Sha The witch KingofWolfs.
    Satsujin-Sha The witch KingofWolfs.

    Fun fact: Allay means to alleviate hunger or pain or alleviate worry, frustration or sorrow. Vex means to cause frustration or anger. So they are literally opposites

  • Your ‘ s
    Your ‘ s

    I watched you for 8 years and at that time I was 13, I’m 21 and I am still watching you.

  • Tal nev.
    Tal nev.

    The copper golem is literally Grian as a mob... I LOVE IT.

  • Sathanan Senthilnathan
    Sathanan Senthilnathan

    Daniel was a big part of my childhood when I was younger he was really inspiring and now here . As you can tell I don't watch Dan anymore but I am still subscribed out of respect

  • ebi !
    ebi !

    Thank you, Dan! I have been watching you for 6 years by now, I'm sick with covid right now and your videos always make me laugh in this hard time, so, thank you!

  • seiom jvony
    seiom jvony

    Dan: your votes are: the glare, the allay and the copper golem Agnes and Jens: HEY THATS OUR LINE!

  • RootBeerCat video games and more
    RootBeerCat video games and more

    Can we all appreciate how Dan has spent almost as much time talking about the bee armor compared to the actual mobs we are voting for

  • liouy cnny
    liouy cnny

    allay looks the most cute and worthy companion and a useful mob for once