WE ZOOMIN’! (Subnautica Below Zero)
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  • Aiden Rose
    Aiden Rose

    Dan: "I need to warm up."

  • karolis radzevicius
    karolis radzevicius

    Dan: I don't need flares! Flares should not exist!

  • Iterum

    Dan: "I need to warm up."

  • Evan Duplessis
    Evan Duplessis

    Here's a massive tip!

  • James Higginson
    James Higginson

    Top tip: Bulbo trees from the island with the abandoned bases are an extremely good source of food and water, you could say goodbye to bladderfish/ just regular fish forever.

  • 6PathsA.E

    Damn. Just damn. Crazy to think I've been watching you since 2014. I've always appreciated you Dan.

  • Bennyboy 123
    Bennyboy 123

    we missed this series Dan keep going because your making amazing content :)

  • Heavenly Playz
    Heavenly Playz

    Dan: "How do I warm up?"

  • Topazio

    Dan: "I need to warm up."

  • Mr.Moustashio33

    Its so frustrating watching Dan revisiting all the previous locations he has been too, yet oddly very hilarious.

  • Creamie Animates •
    Creamie Animates •

    Voice Log: "Proceed with caution a leviathan class creature is near"

  • Stahou Extra - 50 years ago
    Stahou Extra - 50 years ago

    This was my favourite survival game, glad to see Dan playing it.

  • Arael

    dan makes everyones day better when he uploads subnautica :D

  • Michael Kennedy
    Michael Kennedy

    Dan: The leviathen stands zero chance

  • Killer Panda
    Killer Panda

    Dan in the intro: “I am a terrible cat father”

  • Zydrone Power Go
    Zydrone Power Go

    Dan: I could sure use with some kind of light though

  • HowlOwl

    dan: is there another way to get warm besides the ocean?

  • Train Man
    Train Man

    Me: comes back after years

  • Dakshay Patel
    Dakshay Patel

    “I leave that till next time [Expanding the Pod]”

  • Mystel_

    Dan is now known as the "Cat Father"