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Today Dr Trayaurus is (yet again) causing a ton of trouble, but this time he has BROKEN MINECRAFT?! Check out the video to see how he manages to do it and how we fix it..

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No Cubes Mod:

Crayfish's Furniture Mod:

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  • GeorgeChemGamer

    DanTDM was a very different RSloftr, he turns mod reviews into an adventure; something that we don’t usually see nowadays, thanks for being a big part of our childhood, Dan!

  • french croissant
    french croissant

    this brings back great memories i’m happy i grew up watching this

  • Sleeper

    I remember hopping on Minecraft thinking this actually happened.

  • Echo

    If you remember this music in the background

  • Jordan Dodson
    Jordan Dodson

    I remember about 5 years ago I clicked on this video and ever since I have watched so much of Dan’s stuff. I’m 13 and in 2021 STILL watching his stuff... Some things never get old.

  • Legend of Zelda Bros
    Legend of Zelda Bros

    I wonder how the creator of the "no cubes mod" feels right now

  • DanTDM

    Up to his old tricks again! Hope you enjoy this guys :D

  • _Zane_Games

    I came from Dan's recent video, 'I broke minecraft', because I remember Trayaurus breaking Minecraft LOL

  • 144hz Monitor
    144hz Monitor

    This brings back so many memories I’m so happy I grew up with this legend

  • Arcade Jaguar
    Arcade Jaguar

    The Golden Age of DanTDM.😀🙂

  • Stormothy

    I remember watching this video so many times 6 years ago. I'm actually sobbing. The memories :((

  • It's your BOI DJ!
    It's your BOI DJ!

    Back when minecraft was good! So many memories when me and my sister woud play together on the xbox 360.😌😖 I'm so glad I grew up with the good old basic minecraft!

  • Emily Dvorak
    Emily Dvorak

    5 years later and I found this video again, the nostalgia and purity in this moment is real

  • PalpyWalpy

    My... my childhood... It's fleeting before my eyes!

  • Catic

    Oh my god, I remember watching this when it came out. Since then I've switched schools 2, soon 3 times. The nostalgia is real!

  • Oak_X

    I actually remember waking up one morning and seeing this video had been posted an hour earlier. Ah the nostalgia

  • Neve Mason
    Neve Mason

    Well done Dan, thank you for making videos. Me and my brother have been watching you since I was 6 and he was 3. Every day he asks if we can watch you and you always make us smile. My brother has loads of allergies and Athsma. Whenever his illness gets bad you always cheer him up. Thank you so much and thank you for making us smile. =)

  • Spawn Nation
    Spawn Nation

    Dr. Trayaurus was the man, the myth, the doctor, the legend of this and every vid he was in.

  • S Mc
    S Mc

    Stampy wont be happy when he sees what happened in his lovely world! BTW I am a huge fan of ur videos and I always look forward to ur latest video. They always make me laugh, especially when Trayaurus is causing mischief! Looking forward to your next video, and good luck with it!

  • Jocelyn Dizon
    Jocelyn Dizon

    The No Cubes mod is a good mod if you want slopes or a better terrain! Love it!