THE TALE OF HEROBRINE | Minecraft: Mod Showcase
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Today, we enjoy a nice camping break where ghost stories are shared, however, Trayaurus takes them a little bit too literally and may have just caused the greatest curse of all time!

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  • GAMER . IN
    GAMER . IN

    “2013 herobrine- our worst nightmare”

  • zogames

    I remember how terrified I was watching this as a child, I used to think Herobrine is real and he would do the same thing he did to Dan to me

  • Denise Moran
    Denise Moran

    This seemed a lot more intense when I was younger

  • Bazinga

    This was much more "dramatic" when I was younger. Still brings nostalgia to me and I love it!

  • Chillfish

    Hey, Dan! I just wanted to let you know for thank you for making my childhood amazing, watching your old mod-case videos just bring some good ole nostalgia, once again, thank you.

  • Poo Ass42
    Poo Ass42

    This guy was a huge reason for my childhood being great

  • Stupidity Incarnate
    Stupidity Incarnate

    "let me guess. your home?"

  • Archie Plant
    Archie Plant

    now that I am rewatching it after years I realise the lab was probably safer than outside

  • Simpanor Sama
    Simpanor Sama

    This brings back memories.

  • glqssycupid

    dan, thank you so much for making my childhood so much better. when i was having a bad day you always made it better. i used to just sit down and watch you for hours. you made me so happy. you were my childhood and made my life. i will remember you always. congratulations on your child, your marriage and everything else you have succeeded at. keep making videos and make other children’s life’s just as great as you made mine and my siblings. we have loved you as still do. thank you for all you have done man.

  • MadnessBliss UWU
    MadnessBliss UWU

    I remember watching this and trying to recreate it without knowing he used mods, I was so scared to attempt it but it didn’t even work- this brings back so much nostalgia...

  • Liahna Hight
    Liahna Hight

    The power Dan has to be able to bring back this many childhood memories.

  • HotPotatoOverHere Potato man
    HotPotatoOverHere Potato man

    Video: the tale of herobrine

  • Innocence_

    Dan: don’t touch the totem Trayuarus

  • Deenya Massey
    Deenya Massey

    To be honest, this has to be my favorite Dantdm video for a while. Even after all these years.

  • SentientCube[GD]

    I know you won’t see this, but I just want to thank you. You’re the reason I ever learned about Minecraft, you’re the reason why I am the way I am. Your showcases have made my childhood amazing, thank you.

  • Waffle

    i remember watching this and loved just the way he was, he needs to bring back the mod packs in 2021. That would be a good video! also thanks for making my childhood great!

  • Solidslicer

    Ah I remember the good old days when I kept trying to summon Herobrine

  • oddboi23

    Anybody remember the original Herobrine totem?

  • Aqua Bonnie
    Aqua Bonnie

    It took me almost 6 years to realise that his outro music is Ken’s theme from street fighter