The HARDEST Ending To Get Is CRAZY! (FNAF Security Breach Part 8)
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Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach (FNAF Security Breach) True Ending / Afton Ending

Edited by: DanTDM

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  • Joey Fumia
    Joey Fumia

    All of the RSloftrs I used to watch as a little kid have either stopped doing videos, or are annoying and aren't entertaining anymore. But somehow, you've managed to keep the same energy for all this time. And you're still just as fun to watch.

  • Kevin Bzezovski
    Kevin Bzezovski

    Dan if you bring Freddy to the “attraction curtain” in the bowling alley he will mourn the 💀 of bonnie

  • AlternatedMain

    With Dan's daily uploads and his enthusiasm for RSloft even after having a full family, I full on respect him.

  • Goopy Le Grande
    Goopy Le Grande

    Dan is just the best. He somehow manages to create amazing content throughout the years that never disappoints, and has entertained me with that wonderful dantdm energy for 4 years. Best part is unlike other RSloftrs, not much has changed and he hasn't gotten worse at all, only better.

  • 4th Dimension
    4th Dimension

    Game devs: “let’s add bathrooms to put presents in”

  • niddg viiut
    niddg viiut

    It's incredible on just how much work was put into this game, endings, the quality, everything and best of all, Dan plays it and we get to hear him scream. It's scrumptious.

  • Bribe

    Whenever I’m into a new game I always check Dan’s channel just to see if he’s uploaded it already, I just love when he plays horror games it’s fun. Also Merry Christmas Dan! Wishing you a happy holidays from Oregon!

  • DumDyeChee

    Dan ages so well, it’s amazing how his energy just.. keeps being a vibe.

  • Tom

    We really have to appreciate Dan, putting in so much effort in his videos whilst maintaining his own life

  • Polo 100%
    Polo 100%

    I remember seeing Dan’s channel when I was young, but its so fun to watch him now, especially playing a game I never ever would look at normally :)

  • the chosen one
    the chosen one

    People don’t know how ac good Dan has been at this game he has completed most the game without Freddys help

  • I Play Video Games
    I Play Video Games

    There are 6 possible endings in FNAF Security Breach. Each ending is rated between one and three stars. There is an ending that is considered the Canon ending, though it interestingly is not three stars. Endings other than the Bad ending will require extra conditions beyond leaving Freddy Fazbear's Mega Pizza Plex. Hope you do them all I LOVE these series keep em' up!

  • SandBunnyKatt

    Dan is just a legend. No one can disagree with this unless they are completely out of their mind! He has put so much commitment into this game series and being an old fan, going a few years back he is still as fun as before!

  • It is a-me! Mario!
    It is a-me! Mario!

    Unpopular opinion: we should care more about what the video is talking about instead of how legendary Dan is

  • Aidanator

    It's incredible on just how much work was put into this game, endings, the quality, everything and best of all, Dan plays it and we get to hear him scream. It's scrumptious.

  • Hayley Hellbound
    Hayley Hellbound

    Thank you for being the only lets play to not only be completely entertaining, but also understood the Disney park references and “rated” the bathrooms hahah, would honestly love to see you just walk the map and rate it lmao

  • Aleena Mariya
    Aleena Mariya

    I love watching your videos so much especially when it comes to the horror genre, also I cannot imagine how hard it is to edit these type of long let's-play videos, hats off to you Dan and I hope you and your family have a very merry Christmas. Sending you all the love, from India 💕

  • Ac1dL1ght3

    I'm so happy that Freddy got a good ending! Great job, Dan. I have never been disappointed. :)

  • Dawgers Nee
    Dawgers Nee

    Man. Every youtuber that has managed to make a series on this game just makes it even more amazing than the game already is. Thank you dan for keeping the same energy for all those years.

  • RandomGuy

    Thank you for everything Dan,