STUCK INSIDE A VIDEO GAME with a stupid nose..
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  • Kirby Hypno
    Kirby Hypno

    I always love hearing Dan's terrible analysis of how the game's mechanics work 😂

  • ShotoMyBeloved

    Dans thumbnails will never get old...

  • Paul Hill
    Paul Hill

    It feels so good that Dan gets to play Nintendo games again

  • Crazy TawnyCat
    Crazy TawnyCat

    Dan: That was the ugliest kid I’ve ever… seen…

  • Isaiah Saw
    Isaiah Saw

    I love when Dan plays Nintendo games. It reminds me when he played Mario Party with Jemma. Good times.

  • Ruckus 2w
    Ruckus 2w

    Hey Dan hope you're doing good I remember always watching you playing those small action adventure games those were the best still enjoy your content keep up the good work 🧡

  • Zubair Siddiqui
    Zubair Siddiqui

    Can we give dan's editor a shoutout?They work so hard and make it so nice to watch.

  • FlappyJacky

    Dan, I know you won't see this, but I love your vids and you're my biggest inspiration. Thanks for the good videos constantly <3

  • Mighty The My Tea
    Mighty The My Tea

    Dan: Wario should marry Mona, she's rich!

  • Kai Jian Wong
    Kai Jian Wong

    Please do more of this, Dan! I really enjoyed it.

  • Claire & James Russell
    Claire & James Russell

    a round of applause for the editor for doing the great work!!!

  • Ethan Radino
    Ethan Radino

    Love this new chill style Dan is going for, it seems more relaxed.

  • RiseUpHamilton

    "Wario should get in there real quick"

  • Nuggets

    Been watching Dantdm for 7 years and still love it

  • LilCreeperMC

    This video threw my childhood right back in my face. It was both thrilling and horrifying. 😂

  • Bubblegum girl
    Bubblegum girl

    Dan: He's a good looking guy

  • Dino Legend
    Dino Legend

    I am so sick and I was so sad but Dan just brightened up everything for me! Thank you Dan!

  • Caiden Sutherland
    Caiden Sutherland

    "That's the worst spell I've ever seen cast."

  • Unknown Gamer
    Unknown Gamer

    DanTDM out of context moments:

  • Shehzeen Maisha
    Shehzeen Maisha

    It makes me happy everytime when Dan makes a new video and plays a game. Keep it up Dan!