SCARIEST New Animatronic So Far!! (FNAF Security Breach Part 2)
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Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach (FNAF Security Breach)

Edited by: DanTDM

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  • ItzCepster

    It's incredible to see how far FNAF has come, from a simple night shift game all the way to a free roam with incredible graphics

  • Alycat

    Dan: "Usually jumpscares don't affect me"

  • Dark Minati
    Dark Minati


  • Taren Ennis
    Taren Ennis

    this is very different from watching Markiplier watch this. they are both awesome creators, glad Dan is playing this. Love how he used to play FNAF all the time. I'm more easily scared in this video than with Markiplier, but I love the aspect of different creators that make you feel different ways.

  • Swag Herobrian
    Swag Herobrian

    This game has gone so far it’s so cool to see how this game has improved through the years. Plus Dan makes every game cool.

  • ActiveAxolotl

    I love the sun and moon dynamic how they are one and the same and fighting for control plus the message about how the child couldn’t sleep properly all adds to the incredible atmosphere.

  • Baka Weeb
    Baka Weeb

    Im happy to see Dan is dedicated to FNAF games. Im excited to see more episodes! Nostalgic.

  • Sebastian Hepola
    Sebastian Hepola

    It's nice to see dan getting better at horror games. I mean he did the daycare on the second try! Markiplier and 8-bitryan spent way longer on it


    Dan: “usually jumpscares don’t effect me”

  • eli vargas
    eli vargas

    i really love how dan continued to stay relevant and is still getting millions of views

  • TheOrange

    Dan never disappoints us with his content. :)

  • LDragon


  • dude some
    dude some

    Since I've watched Dan play FNAF for so long,it feels real good to see him doing it again after 2 years.

  • Andrei Panganiban
    Andrei Panganiban

    To believe its been 7 years ever since FNAF 1 has been released, I feel old already….. also its amazing to see dan play FNAF after so long!

  • Thank muffins
    Thank muffins

    Dan: “usually five nights at Freddy’s jump scares don’t get me.”

  • SevenQuark

    Dan’s son is gonna be real happy that he gets to play video games with his dad, not many parents play games :)

  • serdy ximi
    serdy ximi

    just watching them in general, after coming back years later it beings me so much childhood memories and Nostalgia, Keep going Dan!

  • Nettix

    Dan: “Usually fnaf scares don’t affect me.”

  • Cringy Gaming
    Cringy Gaming

    Honestly this game was in development for so long and I'm really happy that it turned out great and I get to see that by watching Dantdm my favorite youtuber!

  • fugi O
    fugi O