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Today, one of my Pugs, Ellie, happens to know how to play Minecraft and also sabotages a beautiful array of food that Trayaurus and I have prepared for a party!

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  • Yues

    The definition of cute, nostalgic, original, and a good video:

  • Aadiv Thomas
    Aadiv Thomas

    the nostalgia is enough to make a grown man cry

  • NoobAism 1
    NoobAism 1

    This video made me smile. Thanks Dan for making my day.

  • Onii

    I've remembered this video way back when I was 12 years old, man this video really gives me nostalgia. Thanks DanTDM for completing my childhood


    I think the video is amazing. Good job, Dan! Make more videos like this one!

  • tanjiro _ tsukki
    tanjiro _ tsukki

    me when i was young: “when i’m older and play mincraft, i’m going to get a talking villager”

  • strawberryseeds

    I love how he comes up with these ideas! First he let his 'brother' play minecraft and now his pug... What's it gonna be next time?

  • Samantha Hunter
    Samantha Hunter

    I don't care if this is full of editing tricks, as long as Dan stays awesome im always happy!!I LOVE YOU DAN!

  • Bawny

    you have to agree that Dan's creativity level is infinite

  • ♥P1X3L-CHAN♥

    ATTENTION: No pugs were harmed in the making of this video! You may proceed!

  • Kais Uusipere
    Kais Uusipere

    I never thought this would be the start of something huge for me

  • mmari

    I wanted a pug for more then years due to Dan. I finally now have gotten a pig and it was the happiest day of my freaking life. Thank you Dan for letting me find a furry friend for me to live with.

  • Oliver Skin0ff
    Oliver Skin0ff

    Amidst the war and hatred surging through this scarred hellscape known as the comment section, I wander with one sentence in my mind:

  • Jem_

    Dan... a year ago my friend recommended this channel. I checked it out and found this video. I thought it was hilarious and showed my little brother, and he loved it too. Now I am a big fan and a TDM member!! :D

  • Jibby GamingHD
    Jibby GamingHD

    Great video!!! Keep up the good work Dan!!!

  • What’s My Name?
    What’s My Name?

    This was posted on my birthday!

  • Mm Kookie
    Mm Kookie

    Awesome video! Great job , you obviously put a lot of work into it.

  • Emily Tong
    Emily Tong

    Pug goes upstairs and enters door.

  • Izzy Trickett
    Izzy Trickett

    these little sketches are amazing!Please do more! :)

  • Mariam Pope
    Mariam Pope

    This is one of the cutest videos Dan has made! I love Ellie and Darcie <3