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Why mom, WHY?!?!


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  • ej d
    ej d


  • Multi Productions
    Multi Productions

    Hey dan on behalf of all your fans we love you and your content. You bring a smile to our face no matter how bad our day was. You inspire young minds and are always there for us. I just wanna say thank you. For all you've done for the purpose of entertaining a young audience. Thank you. On behalf of all your fans.

  • Fanimations [old acc.]
    Fanimations [old acc.]

    This made me laugh so hard 😂

  • Brian Young
    Brian Young

    LOL im watching this 3 years later and it is still my one of my favorite video along with the "untitled goose game" series. you make really good content, and keep on making the great content!

  • Ryan Ingram
    Ryan Ingram

    Dan I just wanted to say:

  • Private

    When I feel scared i go in my room and watch dantdm it always makes me feel better

  • I lov squirrels 🐿
    I lov squirrels 🐿

    Nice job on your 20 million subscribers

  • Brandy Smee
    Brandy Smee

    Congrats on 20 million!! Keep up the good work!!👍👍

  • Jemma Sexton
    Jemma Sexton

    Hi Dan this is an Amazing video but I just gotta say, You've helped people out,Made funny videos to entertain people and your a very nice person.Thank you for everything you have done,I'm a fan because you did everything you could to be nice and I'm trying to be nice back so here I am.

  • Alton


  • Earlene Ledet
    Earlene Ledet

    Hey Dan you are so funny! Keep up the amazing work

  • Walter Farmer
    Walter Farmer

    I love how Dan showed mom his score sheet lol😂

  • Debbie Johnson
    Debbie Johnson

    When my mom hid my tablet cause I wouldn't clean my room, I found it almost immediately. Then, after I found it I said, "Nobody can hide anything from me"

  • QuinnLD

    I was laughing so hard😂😂😂 Good Job Dan.

  • Hayato

    Go dan keep on making the great videos👍

  • Kaden Ramsahai
    Kaden Ramsahai

    I used to love this channel but forgotten about it and I still love it

  • Nerd Librarian
    Nerd Librarian

    Congratulations to 20 M subscribers! 😊

  • Pumpkin Pie Cookie
    Pumpkin Pie Cookie

    “A white cloth, a red cloth, a green cloth, and a…..

  • Operator_Elijah

    No granddads were harmed in the making of this video.

  • Meri Williams
    Meri Williams