Minecraft | VACATION DISASTER!! | Custom Vacation Adventure #1
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Today I think Trayaurus and I deserve a well-earned vacation! So we head off to the airport and get going to a secret destination!

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  • Drip

    Some people will never know the feeling of hopping on minecraft after watching a custom mod adventure and then checking for modded items in your creative inventory and afterwards crying for a whole minute

  • Infiniversal

    Dantdm, Stampy and Popularmmos are the three youtubers that made my childhood, every time I could watch them I would.

  • mapofeurope

    I remember I would wake up every morning early just to catch up with this series and make it to school on time

  • Lycoris

    The good old days. Thank you for all the fantastic memories, Dan from The Diamond Minecart <3

  • leaf button
    leaf button

    I remember watching these as a kid and not recognizing these as mods so I just thought it was secret minecraft things that I could never accomplish

  • Malinias

    "why'd you have to climb over the taxi tryaurus?"

  • Jason

    This was my childhood, can't believe it's already at 54m and 6 years.. we've come a long way trayaurus..

  • Turtlemanyoy

    I remember once trying for so long talking into my microphone trying to get the villager to get dialogue but never worked... nostalgia

  • GAMER . IN
    GAMER . IN

    “We didn't even realise we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun.”

  • ALostShinyLemon

    I love how all of Dan’s videos are entertaining for all ages

  • Duckie

    This series was the series that made me discover Dan's channel,the reason i can speak fluent english now and the reason im going for an english major. Thank you Dan.

  • Dominic Smith
    Dominic Smith

    Only the legends know how cool this is this man literally made so much of our childhoods

  • Mehcomix

    These mod adventures were literally my childhood

  • Vortex Master
    Vortex Master

    Glad to see I’m not the only one rewatching the old Dan vids, the golden age. This was beautiful.

  • Jacob S
    Jacob S

    I have been recommended this video after 6 years and it’s still as beautiful as it used to be.

  • Gamer Unknown
    Gamer Unknown

    Dan should bring this back, for at least 1 episode, all we want is the good ol' days back, when life was simpler

  • ToastedGlass

    I got this recomended today, and I immedietly got hit with huge nostalgia. My god, this was my childhood

  • august funnyman
    august funnyman

    the fact that kids now will never know the joy we experienced back then. thank you for all the wonders throughout those years Dan.

  • BackFlipBlox

    *a wave of nostalgia rushes over you

  • Blue The minecrafter
    Blue The minecrafter

    Dantdm was (and is still one of) my favorite youtuber ever. I played minecraft because of dan. So thank you dan, for the good memories.