Minecraft | TURNING INTO A VAMPIRE!! | Custom Mod
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Today, after getting lost in the dark Vampire Biome, I get bitten by a Vampire and may have just turned into one myself! Can Trayaurus help me out?!

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  • bleedingman

    Fun Fact: you watched this when you were trying to find some new custom mod adventures when you were young

  • Manuel Peršić
    Manuel Peršić

    I remember watching this in 2016 when i was in a trip....Those memories

  • ModelMakerNL

    Dan: what do you need to do to fill the blood bar?

  • ꧁ Weronika ꧂
    ꧁ Weronika ꧂

    This is when i actually thought i could tame villagers and talk to them 😂

  • Yo_Gaby Gabba
    Yo_Gaby Gabba

    Wow... It's been a few long months since I came back to your channel! Never disappoints me whenever I see a new mod you play. Keep on gaming Dan!

  • Nicky Ross
    Nicky Ross

    Remember when you thought trayaurus actually talked?

  • Dorky_Squad 13
    Dorky_Squad 13


  • Montgomery Moose
    Montgomery Moose

    3 years after the release of the showcase, and this is still a really great mod! 🙃

  • Pix / Vinz
    Pix / Vinz

    Ah, the good old days. Where I was obsessed with Minecraft and I would watch this channel with my best friend. :)

  • Ellie Willis
    Ellie Willis

    My extreme rewatching of this foreshadowed my twilight phase

  • RonnieLikesBubbles

    This was the 1st ever video I watched of Dan! I remember looking at my younger brother watching it and asked what it was then watched it too and we both soon became fans :) feels good to watch this again a while later!

  • •SunSetFriday •
    •SunSetFriday •

    I’ve watched this a million times but it never gets old

  • TheMusicalKnight

    Dan The Diamond Vampire :D

  • elizabeth Heyd
    elizabeth Heyd

    This mod is awesome! Good job , Dan!!

  • It's_ Deena
    It's_ Deena

    Oh dan, the good old days. How I missed your Minecraft videos. I love the custom

  • Rat In A Trash Can
    Rat In A Trash Can

    I'm a Tdm veteran I remember the day this came out yee yee

  • choco- brownie54
    choco- brownie54

    So many memories, this was just on my recomended and then it hit me. This was the 1st ever dantdm video i ever watched and im here crying. Thank you for making my childhood so good


    This was my favorite most memorable mod review, ah yes the memory

  • Kim Nguyen
    Kim Nguyen

    Who misses DanTDM cuz he haven't play Minecraft for a very long time

  • Tammy Pullen
    Tammy Pullen

    you always have such AWESOME ideas for your videos dan!