Minecraft | TRAYAURUS GOES TO PRISON | Custom Mod Adventure
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Today, Trayaurus gets into major trouble for playing with chemical X AGAIN and lands himself in prison, so we have to break him out!

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  • Cum Stain
    Cum Stain

    It was a tradition to watch these vids everyday after school

  • •ʟᴜɴᴀʀᴇs•

    This is when I liked his content, I wish he did custom mod adventures again :(

  • Masaki

    Rewatching this made me realize how actually brutal this is.

  • Chase Spory
    Chase Spory

    “We didn’t know we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun” -Winnie the Pooh


    I remember when I was really young I use to believes this stuff was just randomly recorded and not planned

  • Internet Lizard
    Internet Lizard

    This guy pioneered our childhoods, Now he is pioneering his own son's. Serious congratulations to him.

  • SaintlyWig449

    This used to be my fav back in the day now I’m rewatching rewinding my life back to being young feels nice been a fan since I was 4 I will never forget this channel

  • Kurt Harwood
    Kurt Harwood

    The nostalgia kicks in..

  • Carla

    These custom mod adventures Dan used to do were amazing! I loved them so much. It’s sad that he can’t do anymore, but it’s fun to rewatch them :D

  • Fnaf Channel
    Fnaf Channel

    This is bringing back childhood memories

  • Hazard GS
    Hazard GS

    I'm watching this in 2021. Nostalgia hitting me hard.

  • Jordan You
    Jordan You

    Everyone would watch this when they got home from school.. Yet it's still epic to this day

  • ally_ 32
    ally_ 32

    2015 ME: WOW a villager can talk

  • AHiddenPerson

    Bro I remember when this said "Recommended to you" and [NEW], man nostalgia.

  • Vensad

    This was the good old days he needs to do more of these.

  • Somlete

    I remember when I would come home from school to watch these videos, I would be so excited to see what mod was next and what Dan and trayourous were up to. Those were the days

  • egbe3000 games
    egbe3000 games

    It feels great to go back to the best series in Dan's whole career

  • le french egg
    le french egg

    "when your happy your also afraid the happiness will end" Now i know what that means

  • Cockroach

    Man, I remember when that date said 3 months ago.

  • S.S.G Frost
    S.S.G Frost

    I remember watching this so much as a kid in my free time.