Minecraft | TINY WORLDS & GIANT MOBS! (Little Blocks & Gulliver!) | Mod Showcase
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Today, Trayaurus has invented a potion that can not only make me as small and as tall as I like, but he has also discovered tiny blocks that can allow you to build the tiniest of Minecraft creations!

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  • Koen Cagurangan
    Koen Cagurangan

    Out of all of his mod showcases, this is probably the one i wanted to try the most, you’d literally be able to make a base within one block and a city in one chunk

  • It's just me
    It's just me

    OMG My childhood, I have completely forgotten about these Minecraft mod reviews/showcases

  • cusa

    Jesus I remember watching this...

  • Qui-Gon Jinn
    Qui-Gon Jinn

    That intro hit me with so much nostalgia

  • SansTheComic9474

    I remember when this was the newest video... The nostalgia...

  • Luck

    Now this is some pure nostalgia! You have been one of the only minecraft youtubers ive enjoyed... I tip my hat to you, Dan.

  • James H
    James H

    I forgot how much i missed these humble minecraft mod showcases in Trayaurus and Dan's l'il lab

  • The E Guy
    The E Guy

    That intro hit me almost as hard as puberty did.......the memories man

  • Pixelae

    There should be an enchantment that makes you small, so that you don't have to constantly brew potions. It could be kind of rare or expensive, but it would be a great add-on!! :)

  • Dragonfury 15
    Dragonfury 15

    Dan: Trayaurus

  • Eiran Keating
    Eiran Keating

    Thank you Dan. Your channel was what made me love Minecraft, and words cannot describe how grateful I am

  • Lucifer

    This is the DanTDM i remember. The good days

  • Darian Gomez
    Darian Gomez

    6 years later: “I’m a dad now”

  • BoblinTheGoblin

    God... I watched him review this mod then watched him review chisel and bits more recently. It’s amazing how as time goes this advance.

  • Herobrine Spooky
    Herobrine Spooky

    I remember I always used to watch Dan when he started uploading mod reviews. SO MUCH NOSTALGIA

  • skater

    I've wanted to make a mod pack for years and I added this to the playlist of videos of the mods and its still super sick. imagine making a small aquarium with the new fish

  • Motashi

    Dan has changed so much through the years...

  • Brandon Zangenberg
    Brandon Zangenberg

    I remember this from a few years ago. I always wondered why they didn’t take it further 😂 micro blocks. Itty bitty blocks smaller then the tiny blocks

  • Green Bill
    Green Bill

    These were the days.....

  • Md Rahman
    Md Rahman

    I would shrink the Ender Dragon and fight her. It would be much easier.