Minecraft | THE HOSPITAL MISSION | Custom Mod Adventure
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Today, we receive a very important letter which ends up in us having to leave for the local Hospital and 'cure' some patients..

►Mods used in The Hospital Mission:
Blood Particles:
Custom NPCs:
Gravity Gun:
Furniture Mod:
Necromancy Mod:
Villager Mincer:

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  • DanVin

    Watching this after 5/6 years makes me remember back when times were still peaceful, missed Dan making these custom mods wait...

  • OllieFroggie

    Anyone else coming back to watch these in 2020 and

  • UBK Studios
    UBK Studios

    Since I need to stay home (Corona) I can finally watch this back. I remember 4 or 5 years ago when everyday I looked on youtube if dan uploaded another custom mod adventures video.

  • joshu

    I remembered when editing was. Simple and everyting Dan made was amazing Dan inspired me to play minecraft

  • Maddie Hensley
    Maddie Hensley

    Only og's remember the old lab

  • Gavin Shields
    Gavin Shields

    Imagine getting surgery and when your going home you hear the doctor say, “I hope you enjoyed yourself!”

  • Blanca Gonzalez
    Blanca Gonzalez

    Who misses Dan making mods?

  • Ashlyn k
    Ashlyn k

    the nostalgia, dan always has a place in my heart. <3

  • PanHead 537
    PanHead 537

    I still enjoy the videos Dan makes now, but in my book, he will always remain the best Minecraft RSloftr ever! These custom mod adventures were what got me interested in his channel. I know he isn't gonna do anymore of these, but at least we can go back and re-watch these 1s over and over. You're amazing, Dan! We love U!

  • Cruffy'sBackDoor

    Imagine if asher dantdms new baby watches this when he is older and went "WOW MY DAD WAS AWESOME AT MINECRAFT"

  • Sylvia Meyer
    Sylvia Meyer

    Who else is rewatching all his old vids to feel the nostalgia from when they were younger?? But hey I still love u Dan💕

  • P H R O G
    P H R O G

    5...years...ago, the good ol'days

  • Hollyt08

    I remember watching this when I was 7, it brings back a crazy amount of memories ❤️❤️❤️

  • South Park 4life
    South Park 4life

    I remember the simple times of watching RSloft

  • amberdi 1
    amberdi 1

    The old boats give me nostalgia

  • Aaron Clark
    Aaron Clark

    No ads for 16 minutes....

  • Nessa Williams
    Nessa Williams

    I remember watching these when I was really young and now I’m revisiting them. I stopped watching Dan for awhile because he started playing games that I wasn’t really interested in but that’s okay! I’m back 😌

  • Springdude 11
    Springdude 11

    Oh the nostalgia! DanTDM probably is the most nostalgic RSloftr, especially with this series.

  • Reggy

    I want more Custom Mod Adventures. Who's with me?

  • ZoarialCat

    Thanks for working this hard to make a great video for us to enjoy.