Minecraft | POLICE STATION MISSION | Custom Mod Adventure
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Today, we are interrupted before we head into the lab by a Police Chief who desperately needs our help in catching a criminal!!

► Mods Used in Police Station Mission :
Custom NPCs : www.minecraftforum.net/forums/...

► Maps Used :
Modern City : www.planetminecraft.com/projec...
Modern Police Station : www.minecraftforum.net/forums/...
Museum of Modern Blocks : www.planetminecraft.com/projec...

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  • snoopydog 98
    snoopydog 98

    Who misses these old Dan videos?


    Almost 2020 and I’m in high school, yet I still watch these videos. Dan is the best

  • Trashboat

    Rewinding to the past of me as a kid and watching this memories we will have by watching these

  • Anya Warrior
    Anya Warrior

    I remember getting so immersed in these videos and cheering for Dan. I would watch them again and again until I could perfectly lipsync with them. Man, 3rd grade was fun.

  • Watching Youtube
    Watching Youtube

    Dan, you're awesome for this RSloft stuff... this series is really unique, which is awesome, and thanks for making it! It's SO entertaining!

  • mr.TopHato

    i remember i watched this so many times when i refused to sleep

  • Ava

    I remember watching ALL of this videos when I was 8. They were literally my childhood

  • Stanley Chiu
    Stanley Chiu

    i really like how the story planning and effort that Dan put in to the video ,

  • Ba Nana
    Ba Nana

    I was really sad when I released Dan didn’t do these anymore but I love rewatching them

  • Ruel Candila
    Ruel Candila

    Who Wants The Series Back In 2019?🤔

  • SoraDeathEater

    I seriously like your mod adventures! You make the mods seem so much more fun :D

  • {GD} Ryan
    {GD} Ryan

    Ahh yes, it brings back memories😌

  • WHAR

    Dan, you should totally make a custom mod adventure, where you and Trayaurus become the Diamond Defender, Dr. Awesome, and the Diamond Hound. So first, you and tray will be in the lab, when suddenly, you turn on the news, and see there has been a massive outbreak of radioactive waste in a near by city. Trayaurus being a a doctor of science, will check it out, and you come along to keep him safe, but also bring Grim, because he needs a walk. But an accident occurs, and you guys fall in the waste, causing you to die. But, you respawn, and feel a surge of power, as well as trayaurus and grim, and realize that you have super powers, with awesome super suits! You were now able to shoot flaming diamonds, and trayaurus can now portals with his bare hands, plus, grim has the super chomp, and the Devilsh Dogs Blitz! But, beacause there has been a massive breakout in radioactive waste, evil people Denton has gotten his hands on it, and has made a supervillain army! You, Tray AND Grim confront him in his lab, and battle him, until you inevitably defeat Denton, with struggles along the way. But i'll let you make that stuff up. Then you guys have realized that the power was in your awesome suits, and can put them on at anytime to regain your abilities , and store them with all the other suits.

  • FireChaser Sparkles
    FireChaser Sparkles

    I remember when my brother and I would sit at the computer and binge these all day long. Brings back memories!

  • dovely

    I love these custom mod adventure keep it up! :D

  • Demon Pug
    Demon Pug

    The good old days😢😢

  • Greninja Guy
    Greninja Guy

    In my opinion this was one of the best custom mod adventures ever.

  • LeChoogs

    i used to watch your videos when they came out in 2015. that's when your content was at its peak (in my opinion). you are honestly one of the best minecraft youtubers i've ever watched. And obviously you dont write yours scripts in a cheesy way

  • KOS Minotaur
    KOS Minotaur

    Dude, I remember watching these when I was younger and loved them soooooooooo much

  • Mayovka Coywolf
    Mayovka Coywolf

    Great fun video! I always love watching your videos but it was especially nice this time because I was feeling really sad and stressed out, and your video helped put me in a better mood. Thanks Dan 😸