Minecraft | NINJA ACADEMY | Custom Mod Adventure
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Today, Trayaurus and I head over to the Ninja Academy to see if we have what it takes to become a NINJA!!

► Academy Map : www.planetminecraft.com/projec...

► Mods Used in the Ninja Academy :
Smart Moving : www.minecraftforum.net/forums/...
Custom NPCs : www.minecraftforum.net/forums/...
Ninja Mod : www.planetminecraft.com/mod/ni...
Bibliocraft : www.bibliocraftmod.com/

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  • eddie

    let’s be honest we searched for this looking to relive the old days but it all don’t feel the same 😔

  • Switch Klips
    Switch Klips

    This guy is a dad now, he should be good. He has experience raising children.

  • Francesco Casino
    Francesco Casino

    only the true OG'S can remember grim and dr. trayaurus

  • Dylan Smith
    Dylan Smith

    This man raised us when our parents wouldn't

  • Sora_ Animates
    Sora_ Animates

    Id watch these everyday after school, thank you for being my childhood

  • RadicalRay07

    who else remembers trying to find his world and build his lab exactly how he did

  • PurpleMan

    Welcome Back Home. My Nostalgia Friends😔

  • Mr Sprite Cranberry
    Mr Sprite Cranberry

    Who else is DEFINITLY not crying due to nostalgia

  • Ca1ix

    i don't want to accept that i've grown out of this i will never have the feeling of getting home and watching's dan's new video thank you dan for my childhood

  • Jamiek2214

    Who else search this up to watch this again after years

  • Neander

    out of all the things in my childhood this hits home. the atmosphere of these videos cannot be compared to anything else. just got to say thank you for giving me good memories.

  • ItzRasya

    Oh the nostalgia, I remember waking up every day and searching on RSloft "DanTDM Custom Mod Adventure" and trying to watch a full episode before school...

  • vT NoVa
    vT NoVa

    The nostalgia be hittin different...

  • joe balden
    joe balden

    I remember after all these years coming home from school and running straight to the tv to watch Dan’s videos :(

  • mossy_milk

    We've all come so far guys :)) I'm proud of you. I wouldn't have been here today if it weren't for Dan and I'm forever thankful for him for giving me a better childhood :)

  • Mr. Overcast
    Mr. Overcast

    I remember being a little boy, binge watching DanTDM all day. The memories

  • Illogical44

    I used to watch these when I was younger and this was a big nostalgia trip for me

  • Withered Bonnie Animations & Memes
    Withered Bonnie Animations & Memes

    I remember the old days when I used to watched this and I am watching this again😔

  • SL4Y3RSZ

    The nostalgia, oh the nostalgia. Coming home from 1st and 2nd grade to watch dans videos on your parents phones. I remember the days.


    Nostalgia this made me cry remembering the tough times