Minecraft | I'M BACK IN PRISON!! | Escapists 2 Custom Map
Minecraft | The Escapists 2 Custom Map
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Today, we are back in prison thanks to the brand new new The Escapists 2 Map!! Straight from our first day, we need to steal, trade and break out of jail as soon as possible!!

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  • Henry Harland
    Henry Harland

    I remember watching this 5 years ago. This was Dan’s prime time.

  • ANiallater 33
    ANiallater 33

    If you ask me, these were the glory days of Dan’s channel.

  • xHyper2k

    Bro, to me, when I watch old Dan vids, I don’t get as sad, because it’s so good to know that he is doing so good in live while still uploading constantly and didn’t quit Minecraft

  • Aidan Taylor
    Aidan Taylor

    For the memories. This was Dan's prime. I wonder if he knows the comment sections here

  • 0Bearry0

    I remember when this was the light of my day. Coming home from school to watch Dan! Still do :) I love looking back at the old vids.

  • Bread Operator
    Bread Operator

    Me and my sister haven't watched this in 3-4 years.

  • Gacha_bear X
    Gacha_bear X

    I remember watching this when it came out and it was my favourite series ever so many memories are coming back

  • tegrq bruh
    tegrq bruh

    I remembered this series yesterday and was desperately trying to find it to no avail. today however our generous RSloft had recommended this to me :D

  • Peachyx Lilyy
    Peachyx Lilyy

    Dan “I stole loads of sweets”

  • jesse clarke
    jesse clarke

    this is what i call childhood i remembered watching this so long ago

  • patrick khatchikian
    patrick khatchikian

    I love how dantdm still continued gaming after he broke his hand... I love Dan... His videos are terrific

  • Muhammad Umar
    Muhammad Umar

    "I wish we could turn back time, TO THE GOOD OLD DAYS"🥺

  • Craig B
    Craig B

    I love this Escapists saga. They should do Escapists 3 and 4.

  • RealRain125

    Currently watching this at 4:48 am on cool summer night as i fall asleep on the couch...this brings back so much

  • Dark Cloyster
    Dark Cloyster

    The amazing thing about Dan that not many notice is that he never really has his videos edited. And yet he is still an amazing youtuber who has went down in history for his gameplay. He doesn't stage anything, and just goes along with whatever is going on. Dan is the best.

  • T-rex 3
    T-rex 3

    When I watched this the memories came flowing back

  • TheTima

    I remember waiting for this series 3 years ago...

  • Deadeye Gaming
    Deadeye Gaming

    *sigh the good old days. Now in 2021 watching these old vids is bringing back the nostalgia

  • DavidParody

    Love when DAN uploads videos on the weekend. I can never leave my house and still be entertained

  • Bella Flakss
    Bella Flakss

    One of my favourite series ever from Dantdm!! Such a throwback