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Today, Trayaurus gets his revenge by spilling some of MY secrets when he finds out that I gave away some of his!!

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  • oofologyy

    4 Years Ago

  • Hi✨

    I was literally 10 years old watching this and I'm proud to say I'm still watching this just makes me wanna cry

  • Alil JesusLife
    Alil JesusLife

    When I was a kid and my family was fighting and I was getting beat every night, I would watch DanTDM. He was the only youtuber I ever watched and just helped me relax a bit. Thank you, this man has raised generations and saved me.

  • Kelly Bean
    Kelly Bean

    Who knew 6 years later he would be a dad and have 20 millions subscribers

  • 🎗kaeya :]
    🎗kaeya :]

    Dan, thank you for this. As a child, I didn’t find anything interesting but I found your channel in 2014 and absolutely loved it. Then I left after sometime but I came back 2 months ago. Love you Dan! And thanks for being my online Dad (you still are) I think Asher is gonna have a great dad. And if your worried about how your gonna do with Asher just remember. You’re a online father to 20+ million kids/teens and we love you.

  • Phephegamer

    “I mined into your childhood”

  • NatalieB7237

    Who else remembers when he was “the diamond minecart”

  • MimiTheMimikyu

    😌The nostalgia I get from watching all of the custom mod adventures. And yet, Dan has made our childhoods better

  • Ezzy

    Theres nothing wrong with a middle aged man having a bubble bath. yes i am on a nostalgia trip

  • •White Leafeon•
    •White Leafeon•

    "wish we could turn back time, to the good old days, when the Dantdm said welcome to the diamond minecart"

  • Natessa

    Remember watching this the day it came out, thank you Dan for the memories.

  • Jokester

    Nothing but I want 1 more secret

  • Kiyuu 16
    Kiyuu 16

    Me on 2015 :

  • Sad Boi095
    Sad Boi095

    I can remember coming home stressed and waching his vids and this pne made me laugh so hard my day was better

  • Noosh :D
    Noosh :D


  • zap zap go brr
    zap zap go brr

    Who else searched this to feel the good old days

  • 버블티

    RSloft is the only thing that makes me feel old when I'm not even an adult yet

  • 1mS4m

    Ah. Yes.. Nostalgia, This was one of my favorite videos with Dr. Trayaurus...

  • UwU

    Ah... these were the best thing ever for me to watch as a kid, as well as custom mod adventures. I'm sad that Dan isn't making those or Diamond dimensions, but maybe one day he'll come back to it? Maybe when he's not on his Fortnite craze.

  • Playopedia Art
    Playopedia Art

    "Hey everyone, Dan here from the Diamond Minecart and today--"