Japan Reacts to DanTDM
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In this video, someone takes a photoshopped picture of me (DanTDM) and shows it to the public of Tokyo...

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  • Descenter Drake
    Descenter Drake

    Imagine if Dan actually went to japan and they recognised him as "that guy" lmao

  • sosig115

    I’m in shock that you are on my recommended. You practically raised me Dan, and I’ve never met you. You are fantastic and I’m happy to still see you killing it on RSloft after 9 years!

  • Kazuki Soma
    Kazuki Soma

    As a Japanese, I can confirm that all of these translations are accurate.

  • KyleX64

    Hey dan, I'm a very old fan. Glad to see you still going on and your jokes are still funny. I've been a fan since your VERY OLD

  • raphael felicissimo
    raphael felicissimo

    Imagine if Dan actually went to japan and they recognised him as "that guy" lmao

  • Isaiah lopez
    Isaiah lopez

    i think dan has done an amazing job growing with his audience especially by choosing to stream on twitch

  • James Evans
    James Evans

    Dan and Endigo givin' each other content and I love it.

  • Mikail Faraz
    Mikail Faraz


  • RandomCaltex

    Gotta love that dan doesnt actually care about their opinions

  • CosmoRaidz

    6 years of pure entertainment by Dan, what a legend. And this is what he gets to.... I'M PROUD THAT I CAME THIS JOURNEY AND WILL NOT LEAVE YOUR SIDE UNTIL THE END , Dan

  • Nathan Patrick
    Nathan Patrick

    I hope they do end up making a song together. I love endigo's whole arc tho its great 😂

  • TrainsandMore

    Note: "kawaii desu ne" means "He is cute.' in Japanese. But Endigo probably mistranslated that part for comedic reasons.

  • OX

    "Can I kiss him."

  • WolfClaw266

    As someone who started watching Dan in 2014 I find this hilarious

  • Nickname

    In 27 years Dan will finally realize that he should maybe make a song with Endigo

  • Eduardo Meza
    Eduardo Meza

    Went back to your videos from around 7 or 8 years ago and it was such a great rush of nostalgia. Thanks for the great content and awesome memories watching your videos as a kid

  • big bongus
    big bongus

    It's been 5+ years since I've watched the channel, and I'm glad the channel is still successful and gaining a lot of views, most channels i used to watch die off, but this is not one of them. It's sad seeing the other channels I grew up watching die off.

  • BloxxerBoi_RBLX

    DanTDM's voice is so nostalgic. Takes me back when he used to make minecraft custom mod adventure videos

  • Baibai

    That guy: “He looks evil…”

  • lilly_vlogz

    I’m sorry but I don’t know how you can dislike this man lmao he is the most wholesome and cutest person here on RSloft. I have so many memories and so much nostalgia being brought up on his videos. Thank you Dan you have got me through a lot and also helped a lot of people too. If your reading this I hope you have amazing and successful future god bless 🤍