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  • Wolf Oz
    Wolf Oz

    Dan makes everyone's day better!

  • FellDoor

    It's nice watching Dan's videos again, basically grew up watching his videos. I'm glad he's still going.

  • _..sxnflower..bees.___

    Random guy: "Put tinfoil in the microwave"

  • Bassy x Grelle
    Bassy x Grelle

    I've grown up watching Dan and recently came back to his channel

  • Elmerbaby

    As an American, I can confirm that having the toilet in the laundry room is, in fact, not an American thing.

  • •glowxxshine• #roadto100
    •glowxxshine• #roadto100

    Even though Dan is a dad, he’s never gonna get old

  • Zyon

    Dan: "Is this Baldi?"

  • Storm

    Dan: "Look at the size of it!"

  • VortexMadness

    For someone who has watched Dan for 7 years on end, Dan… Keep up the incredible work. 😊

  • Sushiiee VR
    Sushiiee VR

    Dan, I know you won't see this because it is an old video but I have been feeling anxious recently but your videos make me feel a million times better. Thanks for giving me such a good childhood.

  • Tobi :]
    Tobi :]

    Dan: yeah that’s baldi

  • AxolotlKingDarwin

    I have noticed something. I watched Dan when I was a kid, and he did younger content. He has grown up with his fans.

  • Rihanna Graham
    Rihanna Graham

    Dan: Oh this Baldi alright.

  • Furiøus - sub and I win a bet
    Furiøus - sub and I win a bet

    Dan's videos always make me smile, I hope he keeps on uploading such great content :)

  • SilverQueen731

    No matter how many times I see it, I always completely die over “here comes the BOYYYYYY”

  • JellyHQ(theseus)

    Ah yes 4 good years of my life.. I'm so glad dan is still posting also HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY ASHER

  • Oliver Melmed
    Oliver Melmed

    Dan: This is Baldi right?

  • RidnDev


  • Mr. TeleMan500
    Mr. TeleMan500

    The washer and dryer placement depends on who built the house, sometimes they’ll be right next to the kitchen, other times in a bathroom, and some with their own room. Multiple-Story houses with a basement tend to have a separate room for washer and dryer. Smaller houses usually will either have one in the bathroom, in a room next to the kitchen, or rarely no washer and dryer.

  • XX_fatal_death_X

    Dan: "bald head, eyebrows, sweep sweep sweep... That's baldy"