I SHREDDED MY HAND!! | Job Simulator
I SHREDDED MY HAND!! | Job Simulator
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Today, we're back playing with the incredible HTC VIVE which allows us to explore the world of VIRTUAL REALITY!! In this video, we start our job as an office clerk.. What could go wrong?!

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  • kaverwano

    I love how Dan opens his mouth, even if he drinks in a game.

  • Fearless 204
    Fearless 204

    This guy carried our childhood

  • JeffDaPizzaMan

    Let's be honest. This was the coolest thing back then. Its amazing for far vr has come since this.

  • Buff Kirby8878
    Buff Kirby8878

    I love it how Dan's just throwing just about every important thing he gets into the bin

  • Cameron B
    Cameron B

    Is it just me or does everyone love it when Dan chucks random things across the room? 😂

  • nitro

    Dear dan, thanks for being an awesome person in my childhood! you have always made me happy. I’ve watched you for 8 years now! Ever since i was 4! Thanks for an awesome journey!

  • William Dever
    William Dever

    Dan: "I need to make these VR videos much more often."

  • Majesticcake

    Memories… this man inspired my RSloft channel and I can’t thank him enough for the good memories.

  • The Wolf Reaper
    The Wolf Reaper

    Dan, I love your videos so much!! They bring joy to me even when I'm already in a good mood, I felt depressed this morning and I thought "I need some Dan vids to cheer me up" I'm a huge fan, Dan, (that rhymes) keep being awesome!! 😊😁😍😃

  • Calm Spork
    Calm Spork

    DanTDM: “Its only a stress ball”

  • Jakson


  • Turtle Time!
    Turtle Time!

    Finally, after 5 years, I have successfully played this game!

  • Laurie Hickman
    Laurie Hickman

    This was so funny Dan,keep up the good work 😊

  • Aadya Raghavan
    Aadya Raghavan

    We've spotted a Dan in shorts. Such a rare sighting. This was hilarious, the way Dan threw

  • Jamm-Scotch

    Bot: Can you print a thank you note?

  • Duroace

    Im not only here for the memories...im also for the fun content its still great

  • andrew simon
    andrew simon

    Keep up the good work Dan I love your videos 😉

  • Pizza234 789
    Pizza234 789

    Dan u really make me feel better when I am sad. We are all so proud of u 😊

  • DanTDM

    Sorry for the strange intro audio!! Didn't realise that was happening. Hope you enjoy the video!! :D

  • Ezenest

    Boy: Someone is retiring and you should give the bot a gift