i played squid game..
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i played squid game.. will i survive?!

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  • TimeBucks

    He never fails to entertain me

  • LoL Mobile Gaming
    LoL Mobile Gaming

    finally i have been waiting for this

  • The one who says hello
    The one who says hello

    I love how everyone's treating the Roblox Squid Game as an official Squid Game game.

  • Summer Wilson
    Summer Wilson

    All Dan's videos are funny or include laughs, jokes or smiles. Let's appreciate the way he makes us happy. 💖

  • Tillie-mai Talty
    Tillie-mai Talty

    I haven't seen Dan in so long, the memories he gives me

  • General

    Dang my memories is coming back now, missed Dan God dang.

  • Golden Ninja 50
    Golden Ninja 50

    everyone be playin squid game now

  • SociallyAwkwardSelf

    Yay, glad to see you watching and playing Squid Games! It's a series I really enjoyed indulging in; the cast did super well capturing the emotions and intense situations. It's fun to watch the behind the scenes stuff too and see the cast members having fun!

  • C_Noob_Dude

    Number of marbles: "all odds"

  • Cinnamon roll
    Cinnamon roll

    "If you haven't watched squid game, go watch it"

  • SirkDaGamer08

    Dan: "How people fail in Red Light, Green Light?"

  • DJ WordPlay
    DJ WordPlay

    i will be completely honest, this game is awesome, and dan made it all the more entertaining as well

  • SorenTsunami

    Love how Dan is being himself, isn't kid friendly only but isn't overly gorey either ^^ It is much better being able to see him being himself

  • Mango165

    Every RSloftr is playing squid game and it is taking over the internet…

  • Scrambled Eggs
    Scrambled Eggs

    Love the vid Dan! The editing was so good, very fun to watch.

  • Nekoai

    When I watched this before knowing what squid game was, now I know what a great show it is


    Dan I just want to appreciate you for uploading amazing videos for us. You have been my favorite youtuber since I was a kid all the way and I still watch your videos

  • Mikethedragon

    I have been watching you since I was 7 and you have made so many of my days amazing, thank you.

  • WetzkieGamer

    I've been waiting for you to play this dan!

  • Undesirable Many
    Undesirable Many

    Dan was the reason I started playing Roblox in 2016. It makes me so happy to know he hasn't forgotten this game