I Played Poppy Playtime..
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This game is scary..

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  • Ertyez

    Glad to have you in the loop, Dan 😂 This game is terrifying!

  • Hi it's me
    Hi it's me

    The fact that he survived the vent chase in the second try is pretty impressive, most people died there a lot of times trying to figure out the paths so seeing him do it all at once even when he didn't know where to go is pretty impressive

  • {3ß0BA:3T3A-CHAN}

    I love how Dan makes horror games less scary by making a joke out of it then, since he’s making a joke out of it, you least expect when the jumpscare happens so it’s more terrifying.

  • FreelyLisa

    i just LOVE when Dan plays horror games. he’s never boring!! i’d watch it for 8 hours if it was that long.

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Obi-Wan Kenobi

    I am extremely impressed that Dan survived on only his second attempt! It was so frantic but he figured it all out and that made the chase extra exciting to watch!

  • SparkPlug_Cos

    Dan is just one of my favorite childhood RSloftrs, and it’s amazing to still see he uploads

  • LilCreeperMC

    I can tell you; this game still scares me after watching ThinkNoodles and Markiplier play it. Now, I get to relish in Dan’s screaming

  • Ricky E.
    Ricky E.

    Kudos to the game developers for how horrifying they made Huggy's vent chase

  • Fox Tron
    Fox Tron

    "Adults are just kids but older"

  • Ally Massey
    Ally Massey

    I just want to say dan just makes a horror game fun. Keep up the good work of keeping people entertained <33333

  • MegaAndSapphire

    Haven't really watched any of Dan's videos since I was a kid, love to see him out here still making bangers

  • Nat Powell
    Nat Powell

    Dan: Yeah I’m not very good at being responsible

  • SXB

    MatPat's theory was correct, everyone just high fives huggy wuggy.

  • Infinite

    One of the toys was a bumblebee cat thing, and Dan proceeded to call it:

  • bluegundy

    Jumpscare timestamps

  • Hi No Playtime
    Hi No Playtime

    I love his care for references, being open, the editing of the tapping, and making actions perfectly timed! it's so comedic! that smoke reaction jumpscare made me laugh harder!

  • Yuroh

    Great to see Dan jumping in on this trend <3

  • AlexafromAnotherPlanet

    I have seen so many videos of this but never finished them but I know that I can always count on Dan to make everything less scary 😅

  • Endigo

    You're back! I was afraid you got cancelled or something I dunno

  • Because I can
    Because I can

    Dan: “I’m gonna go in here.”