I Only Do This ONCE A YEAR.. Merry Christmas..
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Just Dance 2022

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  • d4rk.

    The old dantdm never changed & stays pure, thats what I respect about this man

  • Bob Bobberson
    Bob Bobberson

    I love how Dan is willing to humiliate himself in front of millions upon millions of ppl just to make everyone’s day a little bit better. My respect for Dan has just skyrocketed. Merry Christmas 🎄🎁

  • Xeoney

    Imagine Asher growing up with the tradition that his dad just does this each Christmas. It'd make Christmas even better.

  • Kelly Cornell
    Kelly Cornell

    Dan is a great person, and never fails to make someone’s day a lot better, even when their day is very bad, I respect him for that, he’ll do anything to make anybody’s day, keep up the great and awesome vids Dan, also this video is very entertaining, you just made my day ;)

  • JuLeS

    Asher in 10 years:

  • •AvaStarjago•

    When Dan plays just dance, you know it's about to be a merry Christmas.

  • Chembzz

    When Dan wears his costume, you know it's about be a merry Christmas

  • tøxiçpyśchö

    its sad how I stopped watching you after 4 years then I came back and your still how you are and you are still making me laugh and smile, and i'm grateful that I have found your channel, hope you had a good christmas Dan! <3

  • asher

    the way time works is so wack. i watched dan from 2014 to 2016. im 16 now, coming back here for the nostalgia. crazy to see how the fanbase and content have changed. time, amiright?

  • Zahin Al Muhaimeen
    Zahin Al Muhaimeen

    This man basically raised me from age 6 to 11. I will forever hold Dan in my heart (not in a weird way).

  • Waving Ocean
    Waving Ocean

    It's nice that he did this as a channel tradition, doing it every single year in Christmas. It's good because I think there's probably someone out there celebrating Christmas alone and this will surely cheer them up. But too bad I didn't celebrate Christmas...😬

  • CinderVine

    You never get old Dan, keep up your amazing content you always make me smile, chuckle, and laugh out loud :)

  • XxRa1dZxX

    Dan I just want to let you know that you have really made my day. Earlier today I had a funeral for my mother who was only 31 years old. I’m 14 and am really suffering her loss. Although it doesn’t have a big impact on what has happened, it does put more of a smile on my face to see you making other people happy and enjoying yourself whilst doing that. So thank you for always being happy and keeping me going through bad times. I hope you see this Dan ❤️ xxxx

  • Icyjelly

    Every year...For years...he's done this. Thank you Dan. For being a legend.

  • Adonia Hageraats
    Adonia Hageraats

    Next Christmas Dan should have one of his friends or wife to dance with him as a challenge to see who's a better dancer that would be a really fun twist.

  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anml

    The amount of dedication this guy puts into his videos are insane

  • Wolfie Willow
    Wolfie Willow

    Whenever Asher is old enough to decide whether he wants to be on RSloft or not, if he does decide that he wants to, it would be the best thing ever for him and his dad to do the yearly Just Dance together.

  • asioe kiou
    asioe kiou

    Props to Dan for commentating on this vid. I can see it would be hard and he keeps his fans engaged. What a guy!

  • Kit_Kat Ami
    Kit_Kat Ami

    Oh man, I kinda forgot this tradition existed once the new year rang in. Happy to see it’s still going and that it brings as much joy into our lives as it did when we were younger. Thank you Dan! Happy holidays everyone!

  • Sanil cr
    Sanil cr

    The amount of dedication this guy puts into his videos are insane