I'm Scared To Play This Game.. (FNAF Security Breach)
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Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach (FNAF Security Breach)

Edited by: DanTDM

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  • Dash

    All these years later, and Dan still manages to entertain us ❤️

  • evelyn

    man this just shows how much fnaf had imprived after so many years, the graphic, the animation, the storyline, is so creative and impressive

  • Benny Gilbert
    Benny Gilbert

    My VERY favorite thing about Dan is how even with having gone through Covid AND having a son, the quality of his videos never changes.

  • JacobMC

    I just came back watching DanTDM rn due to schooling and homework, and DanTDM is still as fresh and a legend as ever as he was back in 2016

  • Boomi beast
    Boomi beast

    Honestly, no matter who I watch play security breach, nobody makes me more entertained and excited than watching you play it.

  • Koty

    I rarely post comments on videos but you deserved the high praise. You're an absolute delight to watch, lol. I've watched several playthroughs of FNAF Security Breach and yours is by far my favorite. So funny and entertaining. You've got another loyal watcher of your videos in me. Keep up the awesome work, you're amazing!!!

  • OwO

    And just as I thought Dan was done playing the scary teddybear game francise, here he's doing it again.

  • Finn The Enby Dragon
    Finn The Enby Dragon

    Here are the timestamps for the jump scares!

  • Shelby North
    Shelby North

    i havent watched dan in awhile but i’m happy i’m here again to watch him play fnaf. i love to revisit my childhood.

  • Slrz

    Don't know how to describe it but watching Dan play this makes me feel happy. He's so chill, it balances out the game.

  • Edna Edmond
    Edna Edmond

    i've been watching dan for about 7 years now? im not sure. but manages to always make me smile and laugh. His videos are the best and after many years , he still remains number one youtuber.

  • Yosego

    Game warning: This game contains jumpscares. Caution is advised for people with a history of seizures and epilepsy.

  • Buddin

    Comrade, it doesn't matter whether we're early or late... all that matters is that we're here to see Dan play FNAF again!

  • Tabth The Cat 3778
    Tabth The Cat 3778

    The nostalgia of watching Dan play FNaF again, especially since I haven't watched his channel in years

  • SprxyVFX

    The reason I watch Dan. Is because he doesn't try to be entertaining. He just has an entertaining personality and he's so relatable because he is just a young man, with a son. Thats all.

  • Amy Bartley
    Amy Bartley

    I’m so happy you are playing this! Me and my daughters just started playing too! Your play through helped us so much! Thanks Dan!

  • Nugget

    Dan still entertains us after plenty of years.

  • doire aintu
    doire aintu

    Dan still entertains us after plenty of years.

  • Raybol

    I love how the jumpscares are less scary, the games are still fun, yet not as scary, they should make it so if you want it scary you can enable it.

  • Rachelcookie321

    I remember I used to love fnaf but I could not watch videos of it because I was terrified of it but now, 7 years later, I am back to finally watch a let’s play.