i have been exposed.. again..
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00:00 the memes begin
00:20 i call toddlers disgusting
01:26 who remembers this legend?!
03:13 100,00 likes and i'll do this
03:50 my second expose
06:04 when is the minecraft movie coming out?
08:20 how i treat babies
10:54 i'm famous
13:31 i'm in the guinness world records book
15:17 me, as a cat
16:39 fakedantdm
18:03 og fans ONLY
19:11 200,000 likes and i'll do this too

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  • TurkeyBoy55

    Yeah, I'm still here. I just don't upload that often anymore, due to my internet being extremely slow. I might be able to become active eventually, one can hope anyways. Thanks for remembering me. :)

  • TimeBucks

    loved your appearance in Free Guy

  • YouTube

    the TurkeyBoy55 exchange is the most wholesome 🥺

  • 67 67
    67 67

    Dan: "I call toddlers disgusting."

  • William Togonon
    William Togonon

    I absolutely love how Dan has dealt with that bs on him swearing lmaoo. I haven't watched Dan in a while(almost 3 years) and I'm happy to see his content again :))

  • Analogshell is a Former Spork
    Analogshell is a Former Spork

    The nostalgia of going back to this channel after so long. His new videos are very good too. Makes me happy to see Dan still going strong after so long

  • Lonely Sandwich
    Lonely Sandwich

    “I look good in tights!”

  • ChillyPiez

    Dan is so amazingly dedicated to his channel. It's incredible.

  • The Bandito
    The Bandito

    The fact that Dan's videos are getting to the point where they were a decade ago is kinda sad to me, I'm 14 now I've been watching since I was about 5 and I dont want to think about how old Dan's videos are getting...

  • Kaiju Doggo
    Kaiju Doggo

    If Anybody is a legend its Turkeyboy55

  • Andrea Gouvea
    Andrea Gouvea

    Hey Dan! Take all the time you need to finish all your series! I can only imagine how difficult it can be of being a dad, planning videos, and being unexpectedly sick. You are doing a great job! I've been a fan for more than 5 years (I think 🤔) and I appreciate all that you've done 💖 give a hug to Asher from me! (If thats not too weird 😅)

  • Dear Desdemona
    Dear Desdemona

    its great to know dan is still here, and he he hasnt changed a bit, ive watched him my whole life and im glad its still going well for him! keep up the great work and good luck :))

  • Dam

    Who misses Craig saying “EEEEUGH” and sending mail to the old lab?


    Don’t lie, we all know that this man RIGHT HERE was a part of our childhoods. This man will never be forgotten he’s a legend! Also a great Pokémon player :D Thank you for being an amazing part of my childhood. I remember coming home from school and saying “ Hmm homework or DanTDM the legend… I think DAN!”

  • 0nikio

    Dan has been a big part of my childhood ever since I was 8, now I'm 15 turning 16 next year and moving into my senior years. I honestly couldn't care less if he cussed, he's a grown man.

  • 6ZBP

    i got my entire sense of humour from watching dan when i was younger.

  • Ananya .M.
    Ananya .M.

    ive come back after 5 years to the man who i used to watch all time during my childhood, will never forget you dan.

  • Waliver Oliver
    Waliver Oliver

    What Dan said about starting from 0 really impressed me. Tons of respect.

  • Bryan Hawn
    Bryan Hawn

    That hatchimal is going to cause PTSD for Asher 😂

  • The crew
    The crew

    Dan is one of the best content creators on the platform I mean let’s be honest we all love Dan’s vids