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Today I present to you the question you have all been asking, how do I (DanTDM) meet the great Dr Trayaurus?! Well this video explains it all!

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Коментара: 61 857
  • Charles

    The childhood trio, notorious for bringing tears to eyes:

  • Dizzii_Lizzii

    Oh my God the nostalgia hits so hard. I remember watching this video 7 years ago!

  • Archie By Vlogs
    Archie By Vlogs

    I still find this nostalgic 7 years later

  • Maizy M
    Maizy M

    Coming back bere after all these years. I cant explain how this man raised me. I will forever be thankful to Dan and all the old youtubers. I know the new ones such as Dream who are raising the new generation, but I am so glad that I got to experience this older minecraft. Im going to be 16 soon and I will never forget the past 6/7 years. Thankyou Dan...

  • Qwerty Player1
    Qwerty Player1

    "The worst part about memories, is becoming them"

  • Sink Goblin
    Sink Goblin

    Thank you Dan, you raised me more than my own parents did. You’re incredible <333

  • Arthur Khrimian
    Arthur Khrimian

    If your seeing this in 2020 all I gotta say is welcome back to your childhood

  • c l o u d
    c l o u d

    "We didn't realise we were making memories, all we knew is that we were having fun."

  • Tigresspro101

    I still remember when i was a kid i was always curious how does Dr Trayaurus answers Dantdm using subtitles

  • Tomotato

    This is so much more wholesome when you realize he is literally a father now, and I will never forget the fun I had watching his mod reviews. Thank you so much for the memories.

  • Enchxntress

    as im typing this, it is 2021. if youre watching this, youre very pog. i must say thank you to Dan, practically raised me.

  • SaraThePerson

    man nostalgia

  • Konk

    “This could be a start of something awesome.” That hits hard

  • layla quinn
    layla quinn

    pov: it’s 2021 and your watching this crying wishing you could go back dear dan if your reading this you raised all of us thank you we love yiu

  • C 0 R N
    C 0 R N

    I absolutely adored this series when I was nine. I'm 13 now, and I'm so happy to get the feeling of nostalgia

  • demonscous

    I remember when I was 5 or 6 years old I was so excited to watch Dan that I concentrated too much on the video that when the skeleton popped up I almost fell of my bed,ah the memories :)

  • RiseNdShine

    This brings back a lot of nostalgia, I was young asf and now I'm almost an adult and this is bringing tears to my eyes watching this once again in 2021

  • 0_o

    I came back to cherish the memories, I saw a meme about dream finally passing Dan and man… it’s just crazy to me how things happen. But it’s all part of the story. Thank you Dan for making my childhood wonderful. I truly was invested in every single video you made. And I’ll never forget that! Im 18 now and it’s been a good 7 years with you. Im growing up now. Sad.

  • _Contryx_

    Alternative title: How I met the man who helped me change people’s lives

  • syafiq 🪑
    syafiq 🪑

    No one knows how broken my heart was when i knew Dr Trayaurus wasn't real and only a mod 😞