Happy Wheels | DUMB WAYS TO DIE!!
Happy Wheels | DUMB WAYS TO DIE!!
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Today, HAPPY WHEELS is back!! And this time, we discover a LOT of Dumb Ways to Die!!

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Коментара: 25 774
  • ZephPlayz

    Awesome Video!

  • The Furry Spuds
    The Furry Spuds

    Everything here is nostalgic, from Dan's turquoise hair to the "PRESS START" in the intro.

  • Shota Aizawa Sensei
    Shota Aizawa Sensei

    hopefully I’m not the only one who cried tears due to the press start the old editing and his voice it all pleaded together to make tears

  • Catto Anims
    Catto Anims

    I almost got tears from hearing "PRESS START!" in the intro. A flash of memories just gone through my head, and I remember trying to make time speed up at school, to watch Dan's latest Minecraft, and Happy Wheels videos.

  • NamBam

    You know what’s the best thing about dan? You watch his all his videos, then you might not watch him for a while and forget some videos, but that’s the best thing because then you can watch them again and again and the fun will go on forever. It’s amazing how great this channel is.

  • breadsticks gender
    breadsticks gender

    does anyone else cry due to the amount of nostalgia they get

  • Aekyong Song
    Aekyong Song

    I am truly fascinated how Dan can die right in front of the finish.

  • Sarah Georghiou
    Sarah Georghiou

    Legend has it that grandpa is still sitting there helplessly waiting for someone to give him some water.

  • Amie Vernyik
    Amie Vernyik

    i love how dan doesn't pay attention to how gross it is when the characters basically explode into tiny lil pieces, it gets me every time when i see it 😂

  • NeonApaches

    “We are connected by the face…. tell me a story young one” is the funniest line ever

  • RayRay_Oak

    Gotta love it when Dan and Happy Wheels decide to get together for a little while 😉❤️❤️

  • Daniel Cardozo
    Daniel Cardozo

    2021. Wow. Memories rushing in. Thank you, Dan.

  • IzzyGoneCrazy

    This was "brutally" awesome! (lol see what I did there)

  • pastel_vibez

    Dan, every single second of this was cracking me up! Well done

  • Sandra Kusuma
    Sandra Kusuma

    I'm always dying of laughter seeing his vids. Dan is awesome!

  • Cuiff

    Please play this again. We need more, it's such a happy pill!!!!! 😆😂

  • Ewa Kozak
    Ewa Kozak

    I cried from laughter! Nice job Dan! ;)

  • CoolioPlayZ99


  • natalie rich
    natalie rich

    I was laughing so hard I nearly fell off my chair!😂

  • ゴゴMiloゴゴ

    Hey dan, just wanted to let you know that I love your videos and I’ve been watching since the good ol mod reviews, I loved the modded diamond dimensions and the roblox videos, you inspired me to be myself and be confident in myself, these days I do drama classes because of you. Thank you so much ❤️