FELL OFF MY CHAIR! | Five Nights At Freddy's 2
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TheDiamondMinecart finally plays Five Nights at Freddy's, but this time it's the second installment.. So Scary.. Very Scream.. Much Falling Off Chair!

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  • Monkey

    Let’s be honest, this wasn’t on your recommend tab, you searched this up for nostalgia

  • Andy Krukiel
    Andy Krukiel

    That "Hey everyone, it's Dan here" gave me a nostalgic slap across the face

  • l e n シ
    l e n シ

    Who else wishes Dan would bring back his old intro 😂

  • First name Last name
    First name Last name

    Re-living my childhood. Thank you so much Dan, for everything you’ve done.

  • Motashi

    This reminds me of my childhood.

  • Lil taco 505
    Lil taco 505

    so we gonna ignore the fact that we all came back for nostalgia and im the only one who noticed at

  • N0_l0gic xx
    N0_l0gic xx

    Welcome back to another episode of “where has quarantine taken me today”

  • Plotvist

    I wanna cry. I remember being scared, never finishing this video. Now I’m no longer scared, finally able to finish the entire thing. Dan has been one of my idols for so long, and it was so cool to come back and see how he had grown

  • Angus

    Brings back memories of 4th grade. Everybody during indoor recess playing the bootleg version on scratch. Good times

  • Splatcat

    Even the fnaf sound effects are nostalgic

  • Tristian Cummins
    Tristian Cummins

    I can't help but smile,and think how Dan has changed the lives of many people including me,helping people get through tough times and bring us all a good laugh,my childhood RSloftr and always will be💕💕💕

  • H


  • Pumkin King
    Pumkin King

    Me: watches this video

  • Paseener Warrior
    Paseener Warrior

    I watched this when it came out and I was 6, now I’m 12. Time really flies so fast

  • Blackforest16

    I enjoy watching Dan play fnaf but I don’t think I could play it with out having at least 4 heart attacks 😂

  • keeks mct
    keeks mct

    honestly reliving my childhood. I would watch dantdm all the time

  • Helen User
    Helen User

    Dan has gotten so much better at RSloft!! He has grown so much, as a person and a community!! I feel so happy for him!!

  • Dragonfyre

    i've commented here before, but i just keep coming back to this video every few years. this video is what made my childhood, soo much nostalgia.

  • BaconHairRock

    When I watched this when I was 6, I was really freaked out and had to cover my eyes. LOL!

  • sidney

    I love how he always tries to make everything happy and okay