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"A Draw My Life Special for you.."
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Hi guys! This has been requested a whole ton so I hope that you enjoy it as it took a lot of work to put together. Here is the first of my 1,000,000 Subscriber specials, a Draw My Life.

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  • DanTDM

    You guys have been asking for this for ages, so I thought it would be fitting to do it for the 1,000,000 Subscriber milestone. I really hope that you enjoy it and thank you

  • Donut Girl 110
    Donut Girl 110

    Here he was just a starting RSloftr, now he’s a dad... I feel so old, I have been watching him since I was little

  • UnrealSobat

    From classmates -> best friend -> girlfriend -> engaged -> became a father.

  • RyRaisin

    The OG's will remember when his channel name used to be called, " TheDiamondMinecart "

  • Charlie Watertown
    Charlie Watertown

    Okay nostalgia and jokes aside, let's appriciate his drawing here. Damn, his drawings are really good

  • Kryptos

    Dan should update it now, since he has a son after all these years!

  • light black
    light black

    Dan before: we had really little money

  • mcgriddle

    20 mil later, you're gonna be a dad! <3

  • sam

    im so proud of dan bro, him and his girlfriend didnt have that much money but kept trying, and look where he is now. he makes content that many people LOVE and enjoy, and he got what he deserved:) .

  • aidansdaily

    Crazy to think that most people we’re watching him because of his mod reviews starting as a youtuber and now he’s a father. Damn I feel sooo old

  • AdoptedSquish

    Congratulations on reaching 1,000,000, Dan! It’s been a blast going on this adventure with you!

  • Elliot Rhodes
    Elliot Rhodes

    I can’t believe it’s been 7 years it kinda makes me want to cry happily. Well done Dan for all things you have done for us 🥺

  • havertzszn

    Little did he know, 7 years later, his subs are 23 times the size.....

  • Painting Potatoe
    Painting Potatoe

    7.6k dislikes? Come on people who disliked! This is Dan's life! Also Dan, love your drawings! They are amazing! ♥️

  • InternetAXE

    Im happy jemma said that dan needed to continue youtube too, bc she made dan to be sure to continue :)

  • Supreme Trex
    Supreme Trex

    This man was literally my childhood

  • BigOrange Gaming99
    BigOrange Gaming99

    This man has drew our life from when he was a teen to a dad.

  • k 7
    k 7

    this makes me want to cry, you basically raised me and here you are with your own family, i thank you for all the years of my childhood when i could come home from school, and go straight to your channel for a new minecraft mod video with dr.trayorous and grim, i wish you and jemma the best in life with your gorgeous little boy <3

  • Brian Nether
    Brian Nether

    If he could only dream of 1,000,000 subs, I can't imagine how he feels now, at almost 14,000,000!

  • IshFLY

    Dan then: Shy to make friends