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About The Baby in Yellow:
As a baby sitter you have to deal with some unruly children.
This one might be your last....
How long will you stay in control?

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  • Frogzilla


  • Salaintstable

    No matter how crap I feel Dan can always make me feel better. This man literally raised me and if you asked me I would say that he molded me to who I am today. Minecraft has literally brought me so much joy and so many friends and to all that I thank Dan, keep doing strong dude <3

  • RavensLight

    Fun fact, this game is heavily based on the book called The King in Yellow by Robert W. Chambers. It's a book of short stories and hidden at the end of each story is an excerpt from a made up play of the same name. The play is said to have only two acts. The second act being capable of driving the reader insane, hence why all the quotes between nights have "act 2" written at the bottom. I have actually read some of the book and I can safely say that it's about as weird as this game. The two names in the recording Hastur and Cassielda are characters from the play. Hastur is the true name of the titular king.

  • :[-Nxgget-]:


  • z

    Dantdm, I wanna say thank you because you never fail to cheer me up. Right now my dad has covid and he is very sick from it. I have been worried all these few weeks and I haven't really been able to sleep. I am watching this at night and you honestly cheered me up and I feel a little better. Thank you so much for making these types of videos and helping lots of people

  • Hi

    Dan, you never disappoint me. I love the content you make

  • Frost

    Me scrolling for half an hour trying to find a comment that doesn't say, 'Dan never fails to amaze us with his content'

  • Bribe

    Love how Dan has the best community, everyone is soo supportive, nice, lucky man.

  • lolololololz

    I've been watching Dan for 5 years, and I can agree that he doesn't disappoint us with his content, but the fact that half of these comments are filled with "thank you dan for making this video it made me smile" is funny

  • robboss10

    Hey Dan, I know your not going to see this but I want to say thank you for making amazing content, I’ve been watching you for 5 years now and I can’t believe you still make such amazing content, Thank You, Keep being awesome!😊

  • Banana Milk
    Banana Milk

    Love how Dan was so experienced in this baby business lmao. We can thank Asher for that

  • Regdu Geht
    Regdu Geht

    fun fact : i will always love dan and his content will never get old

  • JustInnocent

    I’m glad you decided to try the new update. Glad that this game is still getting recognition even after a year

  • Nicholas Baker
    Nicholas Baker

    This game is supposed to be a scary game, but Dan still makes it funny.

  • Pied Princess
    Pied Princess

    fun fact : i will always love dan and his content will never get old

  • Someone On The Internet
    Someone On The Internet

    Hey Dan, it's been a while since I've commented on one of your videos. I've recently been tested positive, and your videos have kept me feeling better mentally. I hope I can make it, congratulations on Asher's 2nd birthday, and I hope I will be there when you hit that big boi milestone of 30 Million.

  • Commandgineer

    Great to see that you are playing this awesome game, Dan!

  • Peyton Brown
    Peyton Brown

    My sister has covid and she loves watching your content, thanks for brightening her day Dan! Lots of love from Amsterdam

  • Paper Pokey Productions
    Paper Pokey Productions

    I never thought I’d be Watching Dan argue with a demonic infant…

  • Dawi desu
    Dawi desu