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A FUNNY, MINECRAFT MONTAGE of a small collection of best bits from TheDiamondMinecart // DanTDM.. Thank you so much for all of the support so far and I hope for many awesome adventures in the future!!

Hope you enjoy!!

(P.S: Thanks so much for 8,000,000 SUBSCRIBERS!! Crazy..)

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  • David Gallo
    David Gallo

    Only true DanTDM fans remember

  • Ruben Marentes
    Ruben Marentes

    You’re a real one if you remember when he put those headphones on for horror maps

  • Japanese symbol For beginner
    Japanese symbol For beginner


  • SuperNoodle

    These videos were my childhood, I almost cried watching this, just knowing I can't go back, thank you Dan, for everything.

  • Victreebel Overlord11
    Victreebel Overlord11

    I find it funny how his son is going to look back at these videos and say: Dad, why were you so embarrassing? Haha

  • Kevyn

    “They squished me with their naked bodies!”

  • BradDoesBanter

    These Montages are actually really good! Thumbs up if Dan is your favourite youtuber? :)

  • Flor Pequeña
    Flor Pequeña

    we need an updated version of this xD

  • Dimension1873

    My early teenage years were spent watching Dan, horror maps and his custom adventures. Soo many good memories watching and laughing him

  • Aspect


  • Idk Kid
    Idk Kid

    I was 8 at this time, so many damn memories

  • Le Cheezit
    Le Cheezit

    This really brings back memories. I remember being here since the start even though my life has gotten busier lately. You were the reason I got into gaming. I know your going to be a great parent Dan.

  • FwheezeFlame

    the good old days when DanTDM was a Minecraft channel.

  • Me&you

    This channel at its best

  • pillowspiral

    I remember watching this when it came out and it makes me nostalgic

  • Some Random Person
    Some Random Person

    Gonna be honest, this is still one of my favorite moments compilation even after all this time, especially the asleep series, what a great pack of maps.

  • The Zavala’s
    The Zavala’s

    I hope he makes another one of these 🙂

  • ღweeby lizzyღ
    ღweeby lizzyღ

    I've watched him since 2012, he's my whole childhood :'))

  • McMakistein

    His broken arm face is legendary now! xD

  • Addi Thorn
    Addi Thorn

    I’m going through my favorite RSloftrs of the decade and Dan always brought me joy!