Addressing My Only Controversy..
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  • Jonno Plays
    Jonno Plays

    I watched the whole video. You're the best to ever do it Dan 👌 💯

  • Never_Say_Ever

    I've been watching Dan for almost 8 years now. I'm glad I stuck around :) Really proud to see how far you've gone Dan! Here for the long run!

  • RinzlerKia

    You raised a whole generation of people Dan, thank you for making my childhood what it was. You're one of the best youtubers I could've ever find back then :)


    I've been watching you for around 9 years. Stopped for a few years and now I come back every once in a while for the nostalgia. I'm so proud of how far you've come.

  • Mason Petersen
    Mason Petersen

    Gotta say I’ve been going back and watching all the old RSloftrs I watched when I was younger ( I.E Dan, Mark, and Sean, ya know the power rangers if YT😂) and it’s nice to see they all kinda grew and matured in the same way but still kept their silly humor and demeanor while also becoming adults. Even after not watching you all for 3-4 years but I still got right into it and enjoyed the videos as much as I did as a kid

  • Milkshake Draws
    Milkshake Draws

    This video has just showed me how incredibly respectful Dan’s fanbase is, awesome.

  • Artist Heart
    Artist Heart

    I’ve been watching this man since I was 8, I’m literally 18, and whole adult freshman in college now. This man raised me since the start and I will keep watching forever!

  • Chaos lol
    Chaos lol

    i’ve been watching dan since about 2015, and im glad to see he’s been able to keep up his career and continue making good videos for everyone to enjoy. thank you dan for being a huge part of my childhood :)

  • Rae Loves Cats
    Rae Loves Cats

    I've been watching you since i was 7. I'm almost 15 now. You were my childhood and the best parental figure I could've asked for. I stopped watching after a while(I can't remember why exactly) and recently came back to get that childhood nostalgia. You're literally amazing

  • Rosie CFK
    Rosie CFK

    I’ve been watching this dude since I was about 7/8 now I’m nearly 14 and am shocked with how quick it’s gone, I have a medical condition and remember coming back from hospitals and watching Dan to make me feel better. I don’t know how I can thank all these people from the internet for helping me get through everything

  • N/A

    Started watching him since who knows when, now I’m 18, going on 19 this year still watching him. Funny and entertaining then, funny and entertaining now.

  • Lol bye
    Lol bye

    It must've been hard for Dan, being a single dad and raising a whole generation. He deserves nothing but ✨ Respect ✨

  • Bribe

    it’s insane to see how far dan has made it, i remember being super young watching him when he barley had any subs, love you dan :) can’t wait for more

  • TheShadowQueen

    I love how most of us have been raised by Dan me included. Its been years and the fact that we're all still here just shows how good Dan is. Thank you Dan for being here and raising us all

  • NotLanky

    Dan has always been my all time favourite content creator, he always seems to have just this heart warming awesome energy that I remember him having since the mod reviews. I've recently been watching more of your videos again and the nostalgia hits hard, glad you're still doing what you love ! :) <3

  • luceisright_

    I've been watching Dan since I was 8, I'm 18 this year and he has been a massive part of my childhood. Dan has got me through so many tough times and taught me so many things, the most important one being to have fun and just do whatever you want to do in life. I'll be watching this channel forever and always. Thank you for everything Dan <3

  • Luffy and stuff
    Luffy and stuff

    Watching this video made me realize just how long I've been watching. I cant believe its already been 7 years since I found this channel. While I dont watch that much anymore, whenever I do I always enjoy the content. You're great at what you do Dan, keep at it :)

  • serdy ximi
    serdy ximi

    I was shocked!! I watched him everyday and was raised by these videos. Proud of you Dan and even if the others get more famous, you’ll always be #1

  • ItsSalvatore

    I'm glad Dan knows how to age with his audience, not a lot of youtubers can do that so I'm thankful :3

  • Char

    Havnt watched Dan in probably 3 years and I randomly got this video on my recommended. It’s SO crazy how time has flown by, when he said the Pinky video was 5 YEARS OLD I was shocked!! I watched him everyday and was raised by these videos. Proud of you Dan and even if the others get more famous, you’ll always be #1