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i finally did it.. 9999 coins in Super Mario Odyssey!!

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  • tareq murad
    tareq murad

    I finished the whole game of MARIO Odyssey! I loved it!

  • Eli Spencer
    Eli Spencer

    It was worth it good job dantdm! 😎


    You only have the option to buy ten moons if you have enough coins for it

  • Max Best
    Max Best

    I love your videos Congrats on the 9999 coins

  • edward davydov
    edward davydov

    Actually, you can buy 10 moons as many times u want in every kingdom, it just only shows it when you have 1000 coins, enough to buy 10 moons.


    i decided to watch this in quarantine and now i want to play it myself

  • Affan Zaman
    Affan Zaman

    You know Dan, there's a secret ending as well if you get 999 moons. It's at Peaches castle, the one you couldn't go to before, that one.

  • Almas Matubber
    Almas Matubber

    Dan always doing nice 👍

  • CallMeD41

    Dan, you have to have 1,000 coins for every 10 moons, so you can buy 10 when you collect 1,000, not 100.

  • Justin playz
    Justin playz

    the good old days

  • Pat Roney
    Pat Roney

    There are 880 moons in the game. That makes the sail golden. But the REAL ending requires 999 moons. So its a coin grind.

  • Mr.Plasma3000

    I love how when he gets 9999 coins he says nine five times

  • Katarzyna Clarke
    Katarzyna Clarke

    Amazing video without you I don't know who I would watch because your the best

  • Alasdair McLenna
    Alasdair McLenna

    Dan, you are a legend

  • Erin Brouwers
    Erin Brouwers

    You're my hero Dan

  • Jacob Rekos
    Jacob Rekos

    I actually used his same method for coins, except I did it in the Flower area. You have to go to the secret garden entrance, get a seed from the robot, then get up the tall metal tower were peach is, and throw it onto the dirt mound.

  • Marcus On
    Marcus On

    What I️ want to know is how he got through the entire game w/o finding out

  • R0S3LYN3 ;P
    R0S3LYN3 ;P

    I mean.. I'm a little late but for everyone wondering about the 3 extra hearts: U find those in EVERY kingdom (or almost - not completely sure) for the boss battles. U just have to find them! The one on the dark side e.g. is hidden in a tomato when u spin ur hat on it

  • EtheriousFool

    Wow, that's some real dedication right there

  • chemicalcake

    I've always respected Dan but I highly respect him now because he's wearing a Vans t-shirt